Short Form Video is a Key to Marketing in 2024

Integrating Video into Your Marketing Plan

Video has become a key way to connect with your audience. It is used to develop a repour with your potential customers before they actually meet you. People like to buy from people. When you can showcase the human side of your business people are more likely to have trust in you. As a kid, I loved watching Sesame Street when they would show videos on how things are made. To this day I still love to watch “How it is made” videos. This is similar with your potential customers. If you are a service business then they love to see your face on video talking about a problem that they can relate to, watching you solve a problem and even seeing your team of people at work. This helps them connect in the similar way that I loved to watch people make peanut butter on Sesame Street.

Now, how do we make short form content on social media platforms intriguing to watch and keep the person there for 60 seconds to 3 minutes.  As social media platforms consistently strive to enhance user experiences,  the latest trend in video marketing revolves around integrating video content into users social media stories. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have embraced this trend, allowing you to share shorter, vertical videos that vanish after a mere 24 hours. While apps like TikTok have embraced short form content that is searchable and stays active on the site.

The shift to short form content opens up a fresh avenue for video marketers to connect with their target audience. Social media platforms prioritize short form video content so it is important to add it to your social media marketing mix.

Social media stories, designed for easy viewing on mobile devices, present an ideal opportunity to captivate audiences as they scroll through their feeds. The transient nature of these stories, expiring within a day, makes them particularly effective in grabbing users’ attention.

Given their ephemeral nature, viewers are more inclined to dedicate their full attention to these short-form videos. Let’s explore the best practices and platforms for short-form video distribution. Remember it’s crucial to recognize the unique impact and accessibility that social media stories bring to the dynamic landscape of your 2024 marketing plan.

Top Platforms for Short-Form Video Distribution

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts, is YouTube's short-form video service. Accessible to all mobile users & TV users, Shorts now allows videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds, offering a versatile platform for creators.


With a surge in popularity, TikTok stands out as a social networking app dedicated to short video sharing. Offering 60-second to 15-minute durations, it provides ample space for creative expression.

Facebook Stories

Share your videos directly or through links on Facebook Stories, with a 60-second lifespan before disappearing after 24 hours.

Linkedin Stories

LinkedIn joins the short-form trend with Stories, allowing professionals to showcase content with a more polished and professional tone.

Instagram Stories

Easily connect with followers through Instagram Stories, enabling the creation of 15-second multi-clip videos with added audio and effects for an engaging experience.

Snapchat Spotlight

Snapchat Spotlight highlights the most popular user-generated videos and pictures, functioning similarly to TikTok's "For You" page.

Instagram Reels

Present your personality, business, or just have fun with Instagram Reels, visible on user profiles and shareable across Instagram Feeds, Stories, and Explore tabs.

Common Mistakes in Short-Form Video Marketing

Avoid these pitfalls for successful short-form video marketing:

  1. Lack of Creativity:
    Engage viewers with compelling storytelling, utilizing captivating visuals and relatable content. Incorporate overlays or animation to enhance even stock videos.
  2. Creating Lengthy Videos:
    Keep videos under 3 minutes, ensuring a strong start to capture audience attention. Tailor video duration based on audience, message, goals, and platform.
  3. Adding Excessive Information:
    Streamline content to avoid overwhelming users. Break down information into smaller, digestible videos, eliminating unnecessary jargon and distractions.
  4. Hidden Call-to-Actions:
    Clearly include calls to action at the end of each video to guide viewer actions. Avoid leaving the audience wondering about the next steps.
  5. Focusing on the Product, Not the Audience:
    Prioritize customer needs and values over technical features. Address audience questions and concerns to build a connection and highlight the product’s benefits.
  6. Expecting Immediate Results:
    Understand that video marketing is a long-term strategy. Patiently build traction and engagement, focusing on gradual, compounding results.
  7. Lack of Branding:
    Strengthen brand recall by incorporating consistent logos, taglines, colors, and typography across all video content.

Best Practices for Short-Form Video Marketing

Follow these guidelines for effective short-form video marketing:

  1. Plan Ahead:
    Define objectives, target audience, creative tone, and story flow before creating short-form videos. Include a clear call to action if applicable.
  2. Properly Edit Your Content:
    Utilize online and social media editing techniques to create visually appealing videos. Ensure coherence in storytelling and seamless integration of all elements.
  3. Create Videos for Each Platform:
    Tailor content to each social media site to meet user expectations and preferences.
  4. Join Trends at The Right Time:
    Capitalize on current trends to stay relevant and connect with the audience. Avoid using outdated trends that may make your content seem out of touch.
  5. Make Use of High-Quality Content:
    Shoot videos in at least 720p resolution, minimizing distractions and ensuring clear visuals and audio quality.
  6. Don’t Focus on Just Sales:
    Engage with the audience beyond sales pitches. Offer value, entertain, and build a connection that goes beyond product promotion.
  7. Strive to be Genuine:
    Showcase the human side of your brand, revealing authenticity and imperfections. Viewers relate more positively to authentic content.

As video content becomes integral to your business’ marketing, short-form videos offer a swift and engaging way to convey messages. Incorporate these platforms and best practices to leverage the benefits of short-form videos for a compelling online presence and growing your brand online.

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