Video Marketing

Video resonates with audiences.An impressive 85% of internet users in the U.S. watch video content on their devices. By leveraging engaging video content, you can effectively boost website traffic, grow your social media, generate more leads, and enhance your brand visibility.

Can you afford to not incorporate video into your strategy?


Capture Your Audience with Video

Consumers open their social apps to be entertained, informed and to learn through video across platforms, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & TikTok. You can improve your brand recognition and sell more on e-commerce platforms when you utilize video as part of your marketing plan.


Starting with a goal in mind is the most important when it comes to your video content. The type of content you are going to create is key to your overall video content strategy. Short & long form video content is easily distributed on many platforms including, your own website, Facebook stories, Instagram, Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube to name a few.  

Once you have the content built, now what? That is where we come in to help with getting you more view on your video content to drive social engagement as well as more views on YouTube. 

Social Video Content & Advertising

The PPC strategists on our team are constantly working to make your paid media campaign work for your business. We start by working with you to align the paid search campaigns with your business goals. We don’t just work on one platform to achieve these goals. We understand that your business may sell well on social media but not work well on Google. The opposite can be true as well. We provide paid search services across Facebook, Google, Instagram and Programmatic ad platforms.  



Establish a Goal for the Video

The ideal solution is to create a video for every step of the marketing funnel. You can do one or all of the following: attract new audiences, engage/inform your audience, and nurture your prospect to stay top of mind.

Decide on Target Audience

Decide on your buyer's persona for the video. Often this is established when you are building the product or service offering.

What Story Do You Want to Tell

Is this going to be a tutorial video, a testimonial video or a full commercial production? We can help you decide what video works best for your story.

Stick to Timeline & Budget

We can help you stick to a budget and timeline to keep all those involved happy and the production moving forward.

Results Driven
Marketing Solutions

We handle your advertising, lead and review management, communication efforts, including email and content marketing, social media presence, and more.

Our data tracking provides real-time results with how your marketing efforts are going so we know where to increase momentum and where to pivot so your marketing is as effective as possible.

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